Beyond its aesthetic appearance, timber is a modern construction material

Advantage : its mechanical properties are most of the time equivalent compared to other materials ones ; wood ecological balance is clearly positive

Pressure treated wood with chromium & arsenic free preservatives  

Unprocessed woods
Treated cladding   150 mm x 21 mm in 4 m
Clapboard/protection, decoration 120 mm usable surface x 19 mm in 4 m
Sawn board minimum 4 sqm
Planed board minimum 4 sqm
Grooved board 145 mm x 36 mm in 4 m
Grooved board 145 mm x 45 mm in 4 m
Grooved board 145 mm x 80 mm in 4 m
Tongue & groove board 195 utile x 40 mm in 3.95 m