Horizontal mixed wood & steel bridge

  • Galvanized steel structure with wooden cladding
  • Grooved wooden decking, 50 or 80 mm thick
  • Mixed Wood & Steel Parapets T100 or T140, tested according to the French experimental standard XP P98-405
  • Maximum span up to 50 m
  • Passage up to 2.5 0m
  • For vehicles till 3.5 t 

(pour structure d’exploitation supérieure à 3.5T : conception sur études)

Pressure-treated wood with chromium and arsenic-free preservatives.

Tertu bridges are delivered with their calculation note and the parapets’s test reports


  • Calculation notes are established according with the Eurocodes recommendations
  • The pedestrian parapets are tested according with the French experimental standard XP98-405.
  • Bridges meet loading tests requirements according to section 61   of CCTG (French public tenders regulation for bridge design and calculation) with a guarantee of conformity.   

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