Started last July, an outstanding job of T40 steel backed timber guardrail is in progress on the China National Highway G302, in Inner Mongolia (2 000 km North of Shanghai).
Up to now, this project is the most important realized in the country with the T40 guardrail recently introduced on the Chinese roads after being successfully tested according to local standards JTG B05 (Level A) (see World highways article).    

According to EN 1317 standard, the T40 offers also a L2 double containment level :

  • N2 for light vehicles
  • H2 for buses & trucks (13t)


This project is led by Tertu’s subsidiary in China : Tertu Shanghai Traffic Technologies, founded in 2010.
The office is very active within national road industry, introducing progressively on the Chinese roads the concept of aesthetically pleasing timber crash barriers, which offers the same performances than steel or concrete barriers but are more environment friendly.