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Solutions for Roads & Sites worldwide since 1986

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Road Safety 

Aesthetic & Crashworthy steel backed timber guardrails

The largest range of wood & steel crash barriers available on the market

Crash-tested and CE certified barriers from containment level N1 to H2



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Tertu T40 guardrail securing Inner Mongolia Highway G302

Started last July, an outstanding job of T40 steel backed timber guardrail is in progress on the China National Highway G302, in Inner Mongolia...

TM18 steel backed timber guardrail on the main route to Yorkshire’s coast

The A64 motorway is the major road in North-West of England. It links the cities of Leeds to the Scarobough on the shore.   To improve the safety on...

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Tertu makes safer roads and sites worldwide.

Tertu, road safety key actor


For more than 30 years, Tertu Equipements broughts its support to regional and local authorities, design offices and construction companies for their road and off-road projects.

Worldwide leader in the market of steel backed timber guardrail, the French company became, in a few years, a key actor of road safety thanks to its carefully selected distributors network.

Thanks to its expertise and knowledge, Tertu is the preferred partner for your road safety projects.



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