Tertu, with the support of its partners, guides you at every stage of your project from design to installation, for a turnkey bridge solution:

  • Soil studies
  • Analysis of the environment of the future footbridge; strengths and constraints
  • Calculation of the resistance of the structure: load tests, calculation according to the climatic conditions (wind, snow) …
  • Vibration check
  • Support conditions and foundations (concrete abutments or driven wooden poles)
  • Study of off bridge equipment and surroundings (lighting, decking, railings …)
  • Budget evaluation


Tertu commits to cooperate with project managers, local authorities and specialized design offices in order to secure its bridges and ensure their adaptation to the conditions of use as well as the local environmental constraints, in accordance with the Eurocodes.


Whatever scope & size of your project are, do not hesitate to ask us for advice. We will guide you at the design stage: writing the specifications, drawing of the execution plans….Tertu can ensure the technical design of wooden or wood-metal bridges whatever will be the type of users: pedestrians, cyclists, light vehicles.