Absorbing screens

Panels composed of standard modules: 4.00m long et 1.00m high

  • Panels covering:
    • Traffic side : open latticework positionned alternately at 45° right /left
    • Resident side : planed boards arranged vertically
  • HEA type galvanized steel posts, length according to the height of the panel and the “snow-wind” properties of the considered region.
  • Total height: 2.00m, 3.00m ou 4.00m


Presssure-treated wood with chromium and arsenic-free preservatives

Fonctionnement écran absorbant

All TERTU wooden screens have been tested according to standard EN 1793 by the Laboratoire Européen d’Essais Acoustiques du CSTB (European Laboratory for Acoustic Testing), France.

Acoustic screens present an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD’s) established according to the French standard NF EN 15804

  • Acoustic absorption  : DLalpha = 9 dBA
  • Insulation against aerial noises : DLr = 31 dBA
  • Place HEA posts progressively in order to reach the correct off ground height 
  • Place the insulation joint between panel and HEA post
  • Slip the panels inside the HEAs
  • Tighten the campling screws
Technical sheet