TR18 – N2W5 – ASI A

  • CE marked
  • 2m long squared steel backed timber rails with 2 sections 170 x145, wood & steel components are assembled together on production site
  • C100 steel posts with 2m spacing
  • Height : 70 cm (+0,-5) above ground
  • Pressure-treated wood with chromium and arsenic-free preservatives

Containment level N2



All our guardrails have been tested in accordance with the requirement of standards EN 1317 1-2-5

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Notify body : ASCQUER

  • No fitting orientation
  • Easy line-up
  • Horizontal adjustment up to 10 cms and 3 cms vertically
  • Long-lasting adjustment even in case of punctual overload
  • Terminals may be dropped and burried into the ground



Technical sheet