Reflecting screens

Panels composed standard modules: 4.00m long et 1.00m high

  • Covering of the panels : ½ logs diameter 120mm positioned alternately at 45° right / left.
  • HEA type galvanized steel posts,  length according to the height of the panel and the conditions of “snow-wind” conditions in the considered region
  • Total height : 2.00m, 3.00m ou 4.00m depending of the needs


Pressure treated wood with chromium and arsenic-free preservatives

écran réfléchissant

All Tertu wooden screens have been tested according to standard EN 1793 by the European Laboratory for Acoustic Testing – CSTB, France. 


  • Insulation against aerial noise : DLr = 26 dBA
  • Classification B3
  • Place HEA posts progressively in order to reach the correct off ground height 
  • Place the insulation joint between panel and HEA post
  • Slip the panels inside the HEAs
  • Tighten the campling screws
Technical sheet